Tourism to Morocco Sets Record with 13 Million Visitors

The North African country of Morocco is experiencing a growth in tourism like never before. One of the biggest reasons is the low cost for air travel from major airports in the United States like Miami and Boston. Royal Air Maroc began providing flights from Miami in April 2019.

Round Trip Air fares from Miami to Casablanca can be found for under $700.


During 2019, government officials from Miami Dade County visited Morocco in a trade mission, culminating with a Trade Forum event at Miami Dade College featuring Her Royal Highness Princess Lalla Joumala and a formal dinner at the Biltmore Hotel in Coral Gables.

Check out this amazing instagram account showing the enchanting sights Morocco has to offer:



Morocco is paving the way for the rest of the countries in the Maghreb region to increase tourism.

Countries like Algeria and Tunisia should also see an increase in Tourism, as Royal Air Maroc has daily flights connecting them to international hubs like Paris, Miami, and Frankfurt.

See the article from Arab News below:

RABAT: A record 13 million tourists visited Morocco in 2019, up 5.2 percent from the previous year, official figures showed Wednesday.
The number includes Moroccans from the diaspora, who account for around half of visitors annually.
Tourism revenues hit 78.6 billion dirhams ($8.16 billion) in 2019, up from 73.04 billion dirhams ($7.58 billion) the year before, the Moroccan Tourism Observatory said.
It attributed the rise — for the first crossing the 12-million mark — to its primary markets, France and Spain.
The North African country has benefited from increased air links, with low-cost carriers launching new routes to Europe.

Sales: Don’t offer discounts!

Neil Patel is perhaps the top name in the world for digital marketing and SEO. He recently shared a Linkedin video on why discounting or devaluing your products and services is a bad idea.

  • #1 – Use the Word “No” and explain
  • #2 – Talk to the decision maker
  • #3 – Stop selling features, sell end goal or value

Kalashnikov Drone

The company of the maker of the universally-famous AK-47 and AK-74 Kalashnikov rifles has developed a new cheaply available drone for “suicide” missions according to This makes tactical drone usage more accessible to countries and groups not previously counting on drone technology as part of its arsenal.

Although the list may not be accurate, Wikipedia lists a few governments without large budgets Azerbaijan, Cyprus, Georgia, and Botswana among the 28 countries in the world that currently use armed drones.

The Kalashnikov drone – officially named the KUB-UAV – will likewise be simple to operate, effective and cheap, its manufacturers claim – and just as revolutionary. It will mark “a step toward a completely new form of combat,” said Sergey Chemezov, chairman of Russia’s state-owned Rostec arms manufacturer, which owns a controlling stake in Kalashnikov, according to Kalashnikov’s news statement on the launch.

The KUB is four feet wide, can fly for 30 minutes at a speed of 80 mph and carries six pounds of explosives, the news release says. That makes it roughly the size of a coffee table that can be guided to explode on a target 40 miles away – the equivalent of a “small, slow and presumably inexpensive cruise missile,” according to a report by the National Interest website.

Whoever buys one will have the ability to steer a bomb with a high degree of accuracy unparalleled except by some of the U.S. military’s smartest bombs, said Nicholas Grossman, a professor of international relations at the University of Illinois and author of the book “Drones and Terrorism.”

“I think of it as democratizing smart bombs,” he said “It means disseminating smart bombs more widely. This would shrink the gap between the most advanced militaries and the smaller ones.”


A Youtube video shows the drone in action, zooming in a downward vertical orientation toward the ground at a high rate of speed and exploding after hitting its target. The explosion shows the potential of damage that seems to be a radius of about 40 feet, something deadly enough to completely destroy a large vehicle, office, or group of 20 or so people.

This kind of weapon in the arsenal of a smaller country may have security implications for potential terror targets in other countries, as this device may “get lost” in the arsenal of a small government in Central America, Africa, or the Middle East, and end up in the wrong hands.


Jeb Bush’s Wife Visits Sweetwater

Columba Bush, the wife of Presidential hopeful Jeb Bush visited the Sweetwater Senior Center yesterday, according to local reports.

Not known if she knew anyone there in particular, most likely this was a Jeb! campaign-related visit since she likely has never visited this place before.

She also posted the visit on Twitter, not explaining where the Senior Center is located or why she visited. Previous posts as far back as late December of 2015 show she’s visited other senior centers throughout Miami.

This is after Miami New Times reported on the depressing state of the Jeb Bush Miami headquarters on Calle Ocho.

Miami seems to be Rubio country, although Donald Trump might be able to compete against Rubio for Miami GOP supporters. (Marco Rubio entered politics as a commissioner in West Miami )

Miami’s Best Pan Con Bistec

Where: Versailles on Calle Ocho in Miami

I grew up in Miami, moved at 9 years old from Puerto Rico over 20 years ago, so naturally I’m immersed in all Latin cultures and although I’m Puerto Rican, I spending so many years in Miami and enjoying so much of the Cuban culture so deeply rooted in Miami makes me feel Cuban. One of my favorite dishes of Cuban cuisine is the Pan con Bistec, or steak sandwich. 

I don’t know if it’s the distinct taste of crispy Cuban bread, the crunchiness of the potato string fries that tops the pan con Bistec or the juiciness of a well prepared steak inside a Pan con Bistec, but I can’t think of any foods that can beat a good Cuban sandwich. You’ll be surprised at how simple ingredients like steak, Cuban bread, onions, string fries, tomatoes and lettuce can taste so amazing. (Side note: not all pan con bistec sandwiches are the same; some are pretty terrible if you visit the wrong place)

I’ve tried all of the well known places that sell pan con Bistec in Sweetwater, Westchester, West Miami, Little Havana and Coral Gables; the best one so far has been Versailles Restaurant (3555 SW 8th St, Miami, FL 33135). This place is not only a great place for food but it’s also one of the main places for Miami’s Cuban community to congregate whenever something relating to Cuba shows up in the news. It’s literally a historic cultural landmark in Miami (though not officially, I’m guessing it will be in the future). Every political figure that matters in Miami has frequented this place. Presidential candidates and Presidents from various Reagan to Bushes to Obama and even Clintons have visited.


versailles miami politicians mccain diaz-balart
Presidential Candidate and Senator John McCain at Versailles with Lincoln Diaz Balart with brother Mario Diaz Balart (both US Congressmen). photo: nytimes

paul ryan ros lehtinen at the kitchen in versailles
Former Vice Presidential candidate and now Speaker of the House Paul Ryan with Congresswoman Ileana Ros-Lehtinen at Versailles Miami. Photo: cbsnews


kendrick meek getting cuban coffee at versailles
Former Congressman and US Senate candidate Kendrick Meek (also son of Congresswoman Carrie Meek) at Versailles in Miami

newt gingrich cuban coffeee at versailles
former House Speaker Newt Gingrich at Versailles

herman cain at versailles
Former Republican Presidential candidate Herman Cain at Versailles

versailles protestors
political activists at Versailles
josh mayorga miami at versailles
Me enjoying Cuban coffee at Versailles on Calle Ocho with my gorgeous friend visiting Miami from France
The food at Versailles is amazing and the service is top quality. I recently took a friend visiting Miami from Paris, France and she loved it. I recommend a colada (Cuban coffee) when visiting with friends. They’re open late, until 1 A.M. Sunday- Thursday and until 3:30 A.M on Saturdays, so it’s a great place to go after a Saturday night in South Beach or Wynwood. 

Visit them on the web at

For more info about places to visit in Miami, visit my news site that covers Sweetwater and surrounding areas: Sweetwater Post